100% Organic She-Males 5

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In this age of risky foods, contamination, unscheduled bathroom visits and salmonella poisoning, isn`t it comforting to know that you can rely on a 100% all-natural, organic product? Isn`t it even more reassuring to know that that confidence can be extended to the ingredients of adult entertainment? Just check out the she-males in this latest offering. No suspect tomatoes, spinach, or peanut butter in this jar, folks. You can view with confidence, knowing that no condoms were harmed during production and no saline bags were abused. If that doesn`t give you a set of goose bumps, we don`t know what will.

Bianca , Paola Felix , Beatriz Close , Dany Mestica , Reanna Michely

Brand New: Disc comes in white sleeve envelope.

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