Lil Sister

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Finally 18 Bambi has fallen on tough times; she's on her own with no money but luckily a friend has told her about a guy she knows who is happy to take care of long as she takes care of him! You're going to love Catalina; not only is she an all natural teen but she's playful, sexual and eager to please! When Divine gets caught smoking by her best friend's dad she begs him no to rat her out to folks; he agrees to keep it between them as long as Divine agrees to put her mouth to better use! When Karmin meets her new stepbrother she feels the instant attraction; looking to build a strong relationship, it isn't long before she invites him to slide his huge c*ck into her tight, wet p*ssy!


Brand new: Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped with Artwork in a case.

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