Daddys Dirty Girls 3

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Akira Shell- The female realtor enters the house with the client and spends a few seconds going over the home`s positive points, square footage, kitchen gadgets, big backyard, good neighbors, whatever (with a clipboard & list in her hand). Then she shows him the master bedroom and talks about how spacious it is, etc. Then the client balks and says he doesn`t know if the home is right for him, but maybe. The agent then says she really needs the commission because she just got her realtor`s license and this would be her very first sale. She says that she and her husband really need the money from the commission because they`re trying to save for a down payment on a house. Then she asks if there`s anything she can do to get him to make an offer today...

Teal- Most days after practice I come home to an empty house. As long as nobody is home it gives me time to spend quality time with my hitachi. Something about pleasing myself is much more satisfying than my boyfriend. Lately though I`ve been having some pretty dirty thoughts that are becoming fantasies...

Mickey Tyler- Ever since the night daddy punished me I can`t stop fantasizing about it. Whenever I`m alone I play with myself and think about Daddy. God that makes me cum sooo hard!


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