Do Me Like Daddy

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Hope has a rather pronounced sense of curiosity concerning her own conception. One night, her older sister, Zoey, finds Hope wandering into their parents` bedroom. When prompted by her sister, asking what she`s doing, Hope admits that she`s always wondered what it was like for their parents on the night she was conceived. With a grin, Zoey replies that she was there when it happened, peeping through a half closed door, and though she very young at the time, she remembers the whole event, vividly. The sisters begin to play act, with Zoey being their father and Hope playing the role of their mother. It`s just a game, a harmless fantasy, at first. However, the more they role play, the more they find themselves wrapped up in the fantasy, the more they find themselves identifying with their respective roles, and the more they find themselves falling for each other, just as their parents must have, eighteen years ago. At that point, fantasy becomes reality, and the sisters fuck-each other with abandon in their parents` bed `til Hope wants her sister to penetrate her with a strap-on, and Zoey obliges, happily. After such an intense time with her sister Hope continue to explore her conception fantasies with the maid and even her close friend Raelynn.


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