Kick Ass Chicks 39: Gym Brats

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Youâ?Tve met girls like this before. She goes into the gym with her little nose in the air. She knows sheâ?Ts hot as shit, and creeps like you donâ?Tt stand a chance. The best you can hope for is to watch her work out and get all sweaty before she chases you away. Then you sneak off to the showers to jerk off, dreaming of licking the sweat off her firm buttocks, from beneath her heavy breasts, and from between her labia minora and majora. Since the brats in your gym will never give you the time of day, this movie is your perfect revenge. Watch it while you jerk and jerk again. Itâ?Ts a great exercise video!


Brand New: Disc comes in white sleeve envelope.

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