Snarl Cockring Black

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Product Description:

If you're the kind of Alpha-dog who isn't scared to show some teeth, you're gonna love SNARL...

SNARL is a soft silicone c*ckring shaped like a hyper-realistic beast even has a textured snarlin' snout.

Your fat c*ck will look nasty bloated up and spilling out over SNARL's pointed a thick wet tongue droolin' pre-cum and lookin' for a sweet furry hole to plug.

SNARL is made from their signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it's super stretchy and soft...the squishy teeth feel awesome rubbin' on the underside of your cum-heavy nuts while you jerk your junk or bury your bone up a thick hungry butt.

Go ahead, show us your SNARL...

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