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Part 1
Dalton Briggs and Vincent Diaz are enjoying some discrete fun while Dalton's parents are out of the house. Vincent goes down on him just in time for his stepdad Dirk Caber to walk in. It's a close call for Dalton as he keeps the man whose lips are around his cock a secret from Dirk while they're all in the same room together.

Part 2
Vincent Diaz wakes up horny as f@ck, and wants nothing more than to have Dalton Briggs help relieve him of his morning wood. Unsuccessful in waking Dalton from his slumber, Vincent takes matters into his own hands. He's in for quite the surprise when Dalton's stepdad Dirk Caber hops into the bottom bunk with him for some discrete fun while Dalton snoozes up top.

Part 3
Envious that his pal got some activity around his cock with his stepdad, Dalton Briggs surprises Dirk Caber with his lips while his wife sleeps next to him. Unable to resist, Dalton is taken by Dirk to another room and is pumped full of some of that stepson-penis he's been craving.

Part 4
Dalton, Dirk, and Vincent test just how oblivious Dalton's mother is by having an all-out fuck fest just feet from her. Balls deep in pleasure, the three men are barely phased when they are finally caught cocks out in the living room.


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