This Aint Happy Days Fonzie Loves Pinky

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America's favorite 1950's gang is back for even more hot and wild sex! Written and directed by the award-winning Axel Braun, Hustlers newest spoof elevates the action to outrageous new levels!

In the new parody version of the show, Richies crush, Lori Beth, asks him for some one-on-one tutoring time. Nervous about being with the object of his desire, Richie looks to the guys and The Fonz for some helpful advice. Usually having all the answers, The Fonz is suddenly at a loss for words when his ex-flame, Pinky Tuscadero, and her sister Leather come back to town. While Fonzie is trying to figure out where he went wrong with Pinky, Howard is getting ready to welcome the Grand Pubah from Germany to his lodge. Marion, curious about what Howard is doing, sneaks into the lodge and ends up being a one-woman welcoming committee to the Pubah himself! Will Richie get laid? Will Marion swallow some bratwurst? Will Fonzie and Pinky make up? Stay tuned and find out!

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