Watch Me Fuck My Brother

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I was sitting on the couch the other day when my brother Taylor walked in. He seemed a little upset so I started trying to settle him down some. After a few minutes he confessed that he was still a virgin and really wanted to lose it. Since he had already seen Daddy with Hope and I it was easy to see where this was going. Needless to say I was already turned on at the idea of taking my brothers virginity so I had him stand and drop his pants so I could `relax` him. It didn`t take much and his cock was super hard. I got him nice and wet then had him sit on the couch. I straddled my brother`s cock and the look on his face as it slid in my pussy was priceless. I rode him a few minutes then let him take control. Forgetting he was a virgin I had him pound me from behind. Next thing I knew he was cumming deep inside me. It felt really good but now I`m really nervous, how will I explain getting pregnant by my brother or my father? And how would I figure out who the Daddy really is?

After I took my brother`s virginity he started getting pretty kinky. He convinced me to talk my sister Hope into being handcuffed so we could make her watch. When I brought the handcuffs into the room Hope agreed pretty quickly thinking we`d get kinky. When Taylor walked in, we started making out she got mad. We made her watch us fuck for awhile but she finally slipped out of the cuffs and got away but it was still hot making her watch! Now the crazy fucker wants to make Daddy watch too! We`re gonna get in sooooo much trouble.


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