Bound By Family

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Mae Olsen - Over the years I had been strangely attracted to my Uncle Lou. A few weeks after I moved in to my Uncle's house, my Aunt went to town for a few days and the maid came by. I peeped in on her when she was in my Uncle's room and this hot 20 year old was seducing him. I watched in awe as she sucked and f@cked my Uncle's c*ck until she came several times.

He led her past my hiding spot to the garage where I was forbidden to go. He tied her up and started teasing her. The scene was so intense I couldn't help but play with my breasts and p*ssy while I watched. My Uncle stripped her naked and led her to a bench where he began to f@ck her. That was soo hot I fingered myself to rest thinking about it later that night.

Mae Olsen , Pocahontas Jones

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