Fifty Shades Satin Spanking Paddle

By: Daily Sensations

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Explore intense pleasure and a light sting with this dual satin and fuck for a lasting sting and erotic play session.

Designed to act as an extension to your very own twitchy palm, this luxurious spanker is the perfect bondage accessory for exploring your dominant side. Slip the loop around your wrist and grasp firmly by the handle to wield complete control. Experiment with different strokes and pressure to find your lover's preferred level of stimulation.

One side of the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle is detailed with sensually smooth satin that features a cushion of neoprene to create a softer spanking effect for first-timers. The reverse side has a faux leather finish which is much firmer to the touch for a sharper, more intense sensation with each hit.

Begin by slowly stroking your lover's skin with the soft satin before moving onto a gentle spank. Feed off their reaction to each hit to slowly build up pressure for firmer hits. With their approval, switch to the faux leather side, which offers a sharper sting with each stroke. Make sure to soothe and caress the skin between each hit for maximum pleasure.

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