Flash Of The Sword Ii Vol 1

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The story begins with a meeting between the adventurer Keith (an honorable thief and a descendant of Shadow Blade) and Lady Elfarcia, who thinks Keith is an angel and believes he will make her wish come true. Meanwhile, Vannessa employs Keith as a guide to some ruins, where she plans to resurrect Demon Dune. On their way, Vannessa makes a pass at Keith, and they wind up making passionate love. This allows her to extract his fluid and smear it on a sacred piece of stone - a key to breaking the seal that keeps the Demon locked in its prison. Once they reach the ruin, Vanessa's attempt to resurrect the Demon is thwarted by the magical power of Rycure. But Jannette, a female mercenary who came to help Keith, is kidnapped by bandits and is taken to their stronghold. She is molested in front of an excited mob. Keith arrives in time to rescue her before the chief of the bandits succeeds in penetrating her. However, with the sexual stimulus lotion applied, her desire is too strong, and she can't help but beg Keith to provide what her body demands. As the episode concludes, Keith succeeds in satisfying her sexual desires.

Brand new: Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped with Artwork in a case.

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