Penetrator Double Fucker Black

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Product Description:

2 X the meat, strap it on and f*ck.

PENETRATOR is a dick dildo attached to a c*ckring...stretch the ring around YOUR c*ck and balls and it lays out on top of your meat for one hot double-f*ck. It's not a c*cksheath so your dick is freeyou feel every thrustand so will your partner...

Made of our Platinum-Cure silicone, it's just the right firmness--like a nice flexible hard dick, not rock hardit gives and flexes molding to the base of your meat. The base of the dick is shaped so it wraps around the top of your c*ck...the rest of the shaft is a nice smooth dick with a flared head for easy penetrationDOUBLE PENETRATION!

The c*ckring part stretches to fit most guys comfortably, it's a 1.5 medium-firm silicone ring, if you want a snugger fit, add most any stretchy c*ckring on top...try adding a ballstretcher too--it feels amazing having your junk all bound up while f*cking with this thing...

PENETRATOR is 7 from base to tip, so you can penetrate with either the toy or your dick first, then ease more and more in when can lift it up so just your dicks doing all the f*cking, or let your dick drop down and f*ck with just the PENETRATOR.

Its 5 inches around at the thickest part of the dick, and because the base is shaped to wrap around the top of your shaft, it spreads that same thickness around your shaft, so it fits and feels good for the hole you f*ck...

We've never seen a toy like this, and we know a LOT of greasy holes begging for a double f*ck...but frankly we're not sure we wanna mash our hairy balls up against another guys sack while trying to get both dicks into a greased up hole...we aren't the sharing types, (and just not that limber), so we leave the acrobatic stuff to gymnasts and circus clowns.

- Pure Platinum Cure Silicone
- Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
- Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in m

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