5 Guy Cream Pie 13

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Product Description:

Each Girl Takes 5 Internal Cum Shots, One after the Other!
New Baby Boom?

Apparently there`s going to be a "new baby boom" when the soldiers get back from Iraq and reunite with their wives. But what about all those single enlisted men and their pent-up sperm? That`s where the patriots at Kick Ass come in. We`ve selected three cute, willing sluts to take the semen of all U.S. soldiers who wish to ejaculate inside them. To make sure they have what it takes to serve their country, we had each girl do a 5-Guy Cream Pie as sort of a trial run. If you`re a true patriot, you`ll buy this video to show support for these cum depositories!

Brand New: Disc comes in white sleeve envelope.

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