Chica Boom 40

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Make her cum... or else!
If you mess around with a Latina like Rebeca, you better be prepared to go the distance. One orgasm is never enough for sex-crazed Spaniards like her. Make her cum 3 or 4 times, by any means necessary. Or else! Luckily, like all Latinas, she has multiple "g-spots" beyond the one in her tight, wet p*ssy. She also has a g-spot deep inside her big firm ass, at the very back of her throat, and in the tips of her perky brown nipples. You better use your c*ck, hands and tongue to stimulate all three. If you don`t, she`ll use her perfectly arched foot to kick your sorry ass out of bed!


Brand New: Disc comes in white sleeve envelope.

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