Cuckold Milfs 5

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When you were a young man, you dreamed about finding that one special woman to marry and make love to her for the rest of your life. Now, as you lay next to your wife, you wonder how you could have been so stupid. No woman is special. They all nag and they get old. So, how do you fix this mistake without going to jail or losing half your sh*t? It's time to f@ck troubled teens while she watches. If there's nothing on TV, make her f@ck dirty Negroes just for laughs. Let's face it: at her age, she's not gonna find another fool to support her.

Claudia Valentine , Erica Lauren , Kitty Caulfield , Raquel Devine , Tatiana Kush , Emma Luvgood

Brand New: Disc comes in white sleeve envelope.

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