Dad Crush 8

By: Crave

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Product Description:

Tory needs to get her green card but she needs a job. She asks her stepdad if he'll hire her but he's apprehensive. Tory knows just what to do to relieve him of any doubts he may have. Gracie is in her room crying when her stepdad pops in to check on her. She's scraped her knee and tells him mommy always kisses my boos boos for me. This only leads to him kissing Gracie in some other places too. Rina's stepdad is a military man who believes in a stiff hand when it comes to parenting. But it's his order to swallow his c*ck that really snaps Rina into line. Isabella rarely hangs out with her friends because she's crushing hard on her stepdad. He tries to talk to her about it but the talk has the opposite effect on her. She decides that if she can just suck his c*ck he'll see how much fun she is to have around!

Rina Ellis , Gracie May Green , Isabella Nice , Tory Bellamy

Brand new: Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped with Artwork in a case.

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