Shes In Control 3

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Elsa Jean is in quite a rush, seems like shes running late for work but her boyfriend has other plans. equipped with camcorder in hand he has other plans in mind and there`s no time to spare. Elsa decided to drop down to her knees and let her man try out his new camera. After a quick suck he bends her over and really lets the magic happen. With a quick change of scenery they jump to the bed for some extra fun until he fixes her makeup with a big glob of man mayo. Looks like work wasn`t that important anyway.

Mirko called up Penny to see if she wanted to hang out and play video games - the whole time Penny was saying how much he sucked at the game! As soon as he started doing well Penny flashed her tit at him so he would get distracted! They made a deal that whoever lost would take off a piece of clothing and eventually Mirko was butt ass naked in front of her! She humiliated him by touching his dick and laughing at it! Eventually she decided to play with it - putting in her mouth and taking it as deep as she can! Penny pulled her panties to the side, lifted up her skirt and bounced up and down on Mirkos dick, then the tables turned when Mirko was on top drilling into her tight pussy until he dropped his seed on her face!

Ada was lounging around at her house one day after school when her dad started getting on her case about her grades and her homework. Before he left to run some errands he told her that he hired a tutor to help her get her grades up and he was already on the way. Ada was less than thrilled but she thought the faster I get this done, the faster I can watch TV. She was being very uncooperative at first, and it didn`t help that she unbuttoned her shirt and then accused the tutor of looking at her tits - but it was all part of a bigger plan. She made him strip naked and said that he had to do anything she said or she would call her dad and get him fired and arrested. At first, she was making fun of his manhood but soon enough she was on he

Brand new: Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped with Artwork in a case.

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