Sore Throat

By: Vcx Ltd

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Product Description:

A truly goofy story serves up a series of scintillating sexual encounters in this salaciously satisfying treat. Legendary porn stud Paul Thomas stars as a man who can't seem to keep his spirits up enough to please his long-deprived wife. It seems that his mother once caught him having sex with the maid, and ever since he hasn't been able to keep his energies from drooping in the clinch. When his wife's father finds out about his daughter's lack of sexual fun, he gives Thomas an ultimatum. He has three days to have sex with his wife, or else -- well, it's hard to tell what the repercussions might be. With this silly premise in hand, Thomas sets out to track down that maid and have sex with her. Somehow this promises to make him all better. Whatever the dubious merits of this notion, it does provide the framework for some truly scorching encounters.

Blake Palmer , Christy Canyon , Heather Wayne , Paul Thomas , Steve Drake , Summer Rose

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