Weekends At Grandpas 5

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Hope Harper: Last week was my graduation and I was super excited. The night before the ceremony my grandfather invited me out for a special celebration. I started imagining dinner with my grandfather and my thoughts started getting naughty...

Krystal Orchid: On my 18th birthday, Grandpa called and invited me to dinner. While getting dressed I couldn`t help but touch myself and wonder if her felt the same. After a yummy dinner we went back to grandpa`s for my `present`...

Freya Von Doom: After my 18th birthday I took a special intern position at my grandfather`s agency. Little did I know my grandfather was getting frisky with half the cheerleaders that wanted to be models. They were getting all the attention I deserved.

Hope Harper , Krystal Orchid , Freya Von Doom

Brand new: Factory Sealed, Shrink Wrapped with Artwork in a case.

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